We are dedicated, where possible, to creating and landscaping gardens and other Green Spaces with Nature and Biodiversity in mind. Using a variety of approaches to combine the Native with the Exotic. With the idea of ‘Right Plant, Right Place’ for an ethical and sustainable approach to garden landscape and design.

We endeavour to source all our materials from sustainable, and where possible, local sources.

Trees and plants within a garden or other green spaces, have been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on stress-related illnesses, asthma and even skin cancer! By shading out harmful solar radiation, filtering out air pollution and providing an attractive, calming setting for recreational purposes. So the benefits go far beyond the initial landscape that our company provides.

People use their gardens for a variety of reasons, somewhere to entertain or relax, or to grow fruit and vegetables. We tailor our projects to suit the need and wishes of every client. Our cost effective approach is designed to suit all possible needs and budgets. Whatever size your outdoor space, we provide a distinct, imaginative and practical solution, in a cost effective manner, to suit all potential budgets.

The outdoor spaces Ecological Landscape design are characterised by our passion for plants and inventive use of hard landscape materials. This combined with a meticulous attention to detail creates atmospheric landscapes that are both distinctive and practical.