About the business : Ecological Landscape Limited

Founded in 2008 by brothers Tom and James Diment with family friend Keith Julier, Ecological Landscape Ltd has developed into a highly skilled and efficient operation with dedication to quality service, inventive designs and strong attention to detail.

We now have a four strong management team covering not only private design and commercial landscaping but forestry and hedging, specialty fencing, gardening and rural estate management.

We are registered members of both BALI and Constructionline, reassuring our clients of the highest quality service.

Over the past five years it has been made very aware to us that the world in general has experienced some accelerated change. I am sure we have all seen newspaper headlines reporting on ‘Climate change’, ‘Melting ice caps’, ‘Erratic season changes’ and ‘High carbon footprints’. All these issues are an increasing problem and as population and industry grows, so will they.

The Government have implemented some guidelines to help reduce climate change and carbon emissions. There are schemes to benefit businesses in exchange for a reduction in their carbon footprint.

This is were we can help. Ecological landscape can create and construct habitats and areas to encourage eco systems that work in the natural environment to help cut carbon emissions. Eco systems are one of the most effective ways of doing this. Once they have been established in any one area they are virtually self-sustainable.

All the materials and methods we use are as environmentally friendly as possible.