Private Clients

Private Clients

Ecological Landscape have extensive experience across a broad range of projects, from working in private spaces of all sizes, to estate management. We have the knowledge, know-how and ability to partially or fully manage rural estates.

Ecological Lanscape work with an extensive list of private clients helping them manage and develop their outdoor spaces. We bring the same level of expertise and project management from our commercial work to ensure that our private landscaping is performed to the highest quality. We offer a full range of soft and hard landscaping services to our private clients, including grounds’ maintenance.

We know that trust is vital to any working relationship but it is even more important when allowing people into your space. All of our team work with the utmost care and respect, carefully planning every project to reduce any potential disruption.

Rural Estate Management

We have the knowledge and ability to partially or fully manage small estates including, but not limited to:

Woodland felling and coppicing to maximize commercial gain

Hedging and boundary maintenance

Grass cutting and maintenance

Pesticide/herbicide application and invasive species control